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this video with violence. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton appealed for calm and expressed to the muslim world that the film in question does not represent the u.s. government. >> this video is disgusting and reprehensible. >> reporter: the state department is bracing for even bigger protests following friday prayers in the middle east. thursday president obama said he'd ordered all the necessary steps to protect americans abroad. tuesday night violence at the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya left four americans dead including ambassador chris stevens. libyan authorities reported that they have made some arrests. >> i saw those press reports before i came down. i was not able to confirm them, but obviously it would be a good thing if we're starting to move forward on the just tess piece. >> reporter: the fbi open -- justice piece. >> reporter: the fbi opened the investigation to sort out whether this was a protest that got out of hand or an organized
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terrorist attack. a government source says the fbi is sending investigators to germany to interview personnel who evacuated the consulate in libya. at the state department danielle nottingham. lesli, back to you. three americans injured in the benghazi attack are being treated at a u.s. military hospital in germany. the remains of ambassador stevens and the three others killed with him will arrive back in the u.s. tomorrow. both sides in the presidential race campaigning today in the battle ground state of virginia. you are looking live at mary washington university where the first lady michelle obama is speaking even as we speak. earlier today republican presidential candidate mitt romney was at a place called van dyke park in fairfax and our own bruce leshan was there checking him out. what was the deal? >> yesterday even as these details of this libyan tragedy were unfolding, mitt romney actually held a news conference and accused the obama administration of apologizing
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for american values. he ran into some criticism even from members of his own party. today he seemed eager to move on. governor romney opened the fairfax rally with libya. >> what train did i to lose such a wonderful -- a tragedy to lose such a wonderful people. >> reporter: and was interrupted almost immediately by a heckler accusing him of trying to score political points during an overseas crisis. >> why are you politicizing libya? >> why are you politicizing libya? >> usa! usa! >> i would offer a moment of silence, but one gentleman doesn't want to be silent, so we're going to keep on going. >> reporter: then launched a broader critique of president obama's foreign and defense posture. here in battle ground virginia governor romney is blaming the president for defense cuts both democrats and republicans agreed to in hopes of forcing a congressional compromise. >> but with his budget cuts and
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the sequestration cuts we'll have almost a trillion dollars of cuts to our military. >> reporter: a democratic rapid response team waited just outside the rally instructed by the obama campaign to avoid political comments on libya. >> i always stay away from areas where i'm not qualified to speak. >> reporter: but alexandria delegate herring could not resist a dig at romney. >> he cares more about caring political points than the safety of our men and women overseas. >> reporter: in our polarize a -- polarized political culture there are plenty of romney supporters that blame the media for the controversy. >> i think you guys got your embroidered knee pads from the white house is what i think. >> you're shields. that's the problem. >> reporter: now the u.s. embassy in cairo has now taken down that statement that governor romney considered an apology to extremists. it is just blake page that you
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can see on my iphone -- a blank page that you can see on my iphone right now, but governor romney actually had the timeline wro. the statement went out before the protesters breached the walls of the u.s. embassy, not afterwards. >> obviously he may have tried to move on, but maybe we shields are not quite ready. >> we have thick skin, i guess. >> thank you, bruce. a little further south in virginia first lady michelle obama is campaigning for her husband after holding a rally earlier today. she's at the university of mary washington in fredericksburg. let's listen in. >> because barack knows from personal experience what it means for a family when women aren't treated fairly in the workplace. hens what it means when women -- he know s what it means when women -- he knows what it means when women struggle to meet the mans of their jobs and family and as -- demands of their jobs and family and as a father he know s what it means for to us
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have -- knows what it means for us to have the same opportunities and freedoms as our sons and that's why the very first bill he signed as president was to help women get equal pay for equal work. [ cheering and applause ] >> that's why he's worked so hard to support women-owned small businesses and that's why he will always, always fight to ensure that women can make our own decisions about our bodies and our healthcare. [ cheering and applause ] >> that's what my husband stands for. >> you're listening to first lady michelle obama addressing supporters at the university of mary washington in fredericksburg, virginia. our surae chinn there is and she'll have a live report on all of what the first lady had to say coming up at 6:00 on 9news. the president was on the campaign frail as well today. he rallied supporters during an appearance in golden, colorado. the president ridiculed mitt romney's tax proposals and
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viewed to avenge the deaths of the -- vowed to avenge the deaths of the diplomats killed in libya. more than three years of the metro 2009 tragedy at ft. totten, the faulty electronic train detection system at the root of the crash has finally been fixed. that is according to the national transportation safety board which is still looking over metro's shoulder as it implements a long checklist of safety recommendations. scott broom is with some metro riders tonight in greenbelt to explain what's going on. >> reporter: this is a significant step forward for metro which remember, it's been operating its trains on manual controls ever since that tragedy in 2009. now that's not going to end just yet, but for this rail system they are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. on manual train controls riders have grown used to sometimes herky-jerky stops and starts on the metro system. >> it's getting to be a headache.
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>> reporter: but in a sign of progress the national transportation safety board checked off a major item on metro's list as it continues to recover from tragedy, the core electronics that make up metro's train detection system are now fixed according to the ntsb. it was the failure of that system to detect a train ahead at ft. to then that caused the rear end collision -- totten that caused the rear end collision on the red line and killed nine and shocked ntsb investigators at how poorly the system was maintained, established and run. metro general manager richard sarles is now in charge. >> it's good news because it's a significant step towards automatic train operation again and it's a significant improvement in the safety of this system. >> it makes me feel safer. >> reporter: some riders consider this good news. others are skeptics. >> as much as they charge us and as many times as they give us a rate increase, everything should be working. >> reporter: as for the herky-
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jerky rides on manual controls for the last three years metro says there is much more testing to be done before putting the system back on automatic and no estimate of when, but checking off this major safety item is clearly a sign of progress. in all, the ntsb has checked off five items off its safety recommendations list. there's still more than a dozen of them to go including the biggest and most expensive which is the replacement of those aging 1,000 series roar railcars. that's going to take many more years and tens of millions of dollars to complete. reporting live with metro riders at greenbelt station, scott broom, 9 news now. >> but when you combine it all, scott, they are halfway toward reaching all those check points that the ntsb rolled out for them. thanks. d.c. police are investigating a deadly shooting that is in northeast. homicide detectives found an unidentified man with a fatal head wound this afternoon. that victim was found in a
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house in the 5100 block of seventh street northeast about 1/2-mile from the ft. totten metro station, no word yet on a possible suspect or motive. remembering a reluctant american hero, thousands turning out for neil armstrong's memorial service this morning at the national cathedral and kristin fisher was at the ceremony and has more on the first man on the moon's final splashdown. ♪fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars ♪ >> how does one adequately express his feelings about a special friend when that friend is also a world icon, a national hero of unimaginable proportions? >> reporter: the last man on the moon pays tribute to the first man on the moon, neil armstrong. >> no one could have accepted the responsibility of his remarkable accomplishment with more dignity and more grace. >> reporter: more than 2,000
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people filled the cathedral including apollo 11 crewmate buzz aldrin and former senator john glenn, but outside before the service started hundreds of people who haven't flown in space waited in long lines to get inside and say good-bye to this reluctant hero. the national cathedral itself holds a very special piece of neil armstrong history. inside is this stained glass window called the space window. i also the cover of today's program -- it's also the cover of today's program because it was inspired by pictures taken during armstrong's apollo 11 mission and at the very center this small dot is a shrivel of real moon rock arm -- a sliver of real moon rock armstrong present to the cathedral. >> it was courage, grace and humility that lifted him above the stars. >> reporter: at the national cathedral kristin fisher, 9
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news now. >> an amazing life. armstrong will be buried at sea tomorrow by the u.s. navy. from death row to possible freedom, we'll talk to the mother of an accused murderer about her son's chances of getting out of jail tomorrow. >> we'll talk about a cold front on the way and tell you what that means for your friday night and what that means to your weekend plans as well. >> the pennsylvania supreme court hears arguments over whether a new law requiring voters to show valid photo id threatens a citizen's ability to vote. we'll be right back.
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i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. mitt romney's position on women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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they came to the pennsylvania supreme court today to make their arguments both for and against the state's controversial new voter id law. >> that law requires voters to show photo id before they can cast a ballot. >> reporter: demonstrators
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gathered outside a pennsylvania state supreme court hearing to protest the new voter id law. they say it unfairly targets the elderly, poor and minorities. >> what we are fighting for in this moment is democracy itself. our opponents believe that this will tilt things in their favor. >> reporter: inside lawyers for the plaintiffs argued the new law will keep a rge number of registered voters from casting bail lot. >> there's too little -- a ballot. >> there's too little time, too many people affected and there's no place in the statute which guarantees that qualified electors can get the id they need to vote. >> reporter: a lower court judge upheld the law last month which requires voters to present a valid photo id at the polls. the state says the law protects against voter fraud. >> it's simply a means to establish that you are, in fact, who you say you are and that you're there for a registered voter. >> reporter: since 2011 nine other states have passed similar laws. in pennsylvania some estimate at least 100,000 registered
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voters still do not have a valid id. with time running out to get one before the presidenal election, one justice questioned whether the state should wait to implement the law. >> my question is what's the rush? >> reporter: the court is expected to issue a ruling before the end of the month. >> the court normally has seven members, but only six justices listened to these arguments today, three democrats, three republicans. if they deadlock, the law will stand. the federal reserve unveiled a new plan today to jump start the economy and reduce unemployment. the fed will spend $40 billion a month to buy bonds from banks, the move by the chairman ben bernanke, designed to keep money flowing through the economy, reduce long term interest rates through 2015 and create more jobs. >> the weak job market should concern every american. high unemployment imposes hardship on millions of people and it entails a tremendous waste of human skills. >> it's just printing money and it doesn't help unemployment,
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hasn't helped. unemployment is still 8.1%. it doesn't create jobs. >> there are also concerns that pumping money into the economy could boost inflation, but bernanke says today's action well outweighs the risk of doing nothing. police are looking for the thieves behind an atm skimming operation out in fairfax county. somebody was using this device to steafrom people who were using the cash machine located in the inova fairfax hospital cardiac care center. police believe it had been there since late last month. skimmers will record your personal info on debit and credit cards and they're used to steal cash from your account. financial crime detectives are investigating four cases but say there may be a lot more of them. we're out here and it smells like somebody is barbecuing or something. >> smells good. >> it's a perfect night for it. >> look up. we haven't seen a cloud in four days. we may see a few clouds tomorrow. brace yourselves, everybody, but it's going to be okay.
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>> we'll just keep it rolling. >> let's start with live look outside with our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. we're looking at clear skies, sunshine, low humidity, temperature 80, dew point in the low 50s, which is fantastic, humidity below 40%. i can't tell you how comfortable that and the winds negligible, pressure 30.29 inches of mercury. temperature-wise it is great, upper 70s to low 80s, which by the way is pretty close to average. 78 fairfax, 79 vienna, 81 sterling and looking at 81 also in leesburg, 82 in college park, 80 in bowie. cold front will approach tomorrow, a few clouds tonight, just a few after midnight, still very pleasant friday, shower possible friday night, but i would not change your plans. if you want to dine al fresco, you can or grill out. the weekend looks nice. the frontal boundary gets out of here friday night and sets the stage for a nice saturday ansunday. so clear to partly cloudy,
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comfortable tonight, not quite as cool as it's been, but certainly comfortable, 56 to 64 and winds south, southeast at 10. now look at the lows. inside the beltway in downtown comfortable. you can open your windows still, 62 downtown, maybe 64 in arlington, but plenty of 50s, 56 gaithersburg, 57 rockville, 59 college park and bowie and reston and fairfax upper 50s, maybe mid-50s toward leesburg and also manassas. friday morning partly cloudy and pleasant, 50s and 60s, winds out of the southwest at 10. still need your shades in e morning. by afternoon partly sunny and pleasant, some clouds coming in late with the frontal boundary, but we stay dry in the metro area, could see a shower late in the afternoon out toward i- 81 and the mountains. high temperatures low 80s, wind south, southwest at 10. zone forecast 74 in oakland, pretty good chance of a shower late morning early afternoon, 80 cumberland, 80 hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester, also a chance of a shower.
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this does not have a lot of moisture with this frontal boundary, low 80s culpeper, 80 warrenton, leesburg and manassas dry all day, a slight chance of a shower friday night before midnight. 82 downtown, low 80s into charles county, st. mary's county, also waldorf. low 80s even in gaithersburg and frederick, no winds, no small craft advisory. we haven't had one of those in weeks, which is good. day planner, 56 to 64 to start, 74 to 78 by noon and then 79 to 83 by evening, just a few clouds in the evening, but the day is dry. next three days guess what? green across the board, nice tomorrow, maybe a shower tomorrow night, 82, nice saturday, 78, beautiful on sunday, 77. notice there's no drops. next seven days, rain and showers monday, only mid-70s, showers and thunderstorms tuesday, upper 70s and perhaps
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even a lingering shower into next wednesday, temperatures around 80 and then thursday in the low 80s. nats come back in town tuesday, could be a wet game. we'll keep you posted. >> thank you, top. up next new york city takes an unprecedented step in the fight against obesity. >> and a blighted apartment building is torn down for the sake of public safety. we'll take you there.
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an area of blight in prince george's county is being transformed. demolition on 26 vacant apartments are coming down today. county executive rushern baker is behind it. he joined a number of local politicians for this morning's demolition ceremony.
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mgm resorts is rolling out the red carpet to visitors at national harbor. the chain opened a new info center today. local politicians took part in that ribbon cutting ceremony. mgm says its goal is to introduce visitors to the brand and vision and if the company gets its way, a luxury casino there. maryland residents will vote on the gambling referendum in november. police are looking for the killer of an elderly couple right near baltimore. 87-year-old vaughn and geat 5- year-old marjorie pepper were found dead in their home in -- 85-year-old marjorie pepper were found dead in their home in pikesville. vaughn pepper was a maryland state trooper for 30 years and police have turned their attention to the couple's grandson who also lived in the home. >> obviously because he lived there, we are interested in talking to him, but it's preliminary at this point to say whether he was a person of interest. >> police say they did find a weapon at the scene.
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they won't say what it was, however. they do say there were no signs of a break-in. kate middleton delivered her first speech today on foreign soil. the duchess of cambridge and prince william are touring the far east to celebrate queen elizabeth's 60 year reign. the pair toured a war memorial in malaysia as well as a hospital for some very sick children. >> this is a very special place and so much is already being achieved. it has been wonderful meeting the patients, families and all the staff here. >> while on the trip prince william reveals he wanted to have two children and in singapore kate gave a royal toast with water instead of wine. hmmm. well, that set off some speculation that kate could already be pregnant. hmmmm. no comment from buckingham palace. okay, lesli. coming up in tonight's health alert it may look really bad, but not all of your baby's
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rashes need a doctor's attention. we'll sort out which ones do and don't. >> plus ben's chili bowl's most famous customers get a permanent spot on the popular u street restaurant. >> he spent 11 years on death row. now his conviction and death sentence have been thrown out, but will justin wolf finally be allowed to come home or will he be retried? i'm peg. i'm have the story coming up. i'm peggy fox. i'll have the story coming up. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. mitt romney's position on women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away ohoices...
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to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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a young man who spent the last 11 years on death row is hoping he can be released. his death sentence and conviction were thrown off by a federal judge who found prosecutors allowed a key witness to give false information. peggy fox, you have the new details. >> prince william county county commonwealth attorney paul eberg has now recused himself from the case. fairfax county commonwealth's attorney ray morrogh has been appointed to retry the case, but justin wolf's mother and many supporters are hoping with this new information that the case could be dismissed. terry steinberg is talking to her 31-year-old son justin wolf who has been in solitary
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confinement on death row for 11 years. >> that's been 11 years of ups and downs and disappointments and frustration and shock and disbelief. >> reporter: wolfe is now in the prince william county jail awaiting a bond hearing tomorrow. >> the drawers are full of newspaper articles. >> reporter: wolfe's bedroom is frozen in time with memorabilia from his high school days. he was a running back at chantilly high school in 1996 when they were national champions. in 2002 we had was 19, he was convict -- when he was 19, he was convicted of murder for hire and sentenced to death. the conviction and sentence devastated the entire family. twice his mother was given dates for justin's execution. >> it was just a very sick feeling that, you know, wow, this is the day they say they're going to take my son's life and you feel so helpless, you know. how can i stop this? what can i do? >> reporter: wolfe was a marijuana dealer. the jury found him guilty of hiring owen barber to kill daniel petrolli who was wolfe's drug supplier.
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barber was the prosecution's star witness. >> he is a person who is able to manipulate. >> reporter: but in 2005 barber recanted his testimony and said wolfe had nothing to do with the murder. in 2010 barber testified in federal court that he implicated wolfe to avoid the death penalty. the judge overturned wolfe's conviction finding that prosecutors allowed barber to give false testimony. >> my son should not be dying for selling marijuana. >> reporter: last month the state lost again when a federal appeals court refused to reinstate the murder conviction and death sentence. tomorrow at justin wolfe's bond hearing his attorney will ask the judge to set him free. >> but if i don't hold onto the hope, then i don't have anything. so i'm just going to continue to hope and believe that justice will finally be served and we'll finally get justin home. >> now prosecutors have said it doesn't matter if owen barber recanted his testimony because he can't be trusted, but on the other hand, justin wolfe's
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mother said if he can't be trusted, you can't believe him, you can't believe him from the start at the trial. we will see what happens tomorrow. we'll be at the bone hearing and we're not sure if the -- bond hearing and we're not sure if the prosecution will retry this case. ray morrogh is just going over all the files. he'll have to make that decision. >> what is clear is all these lives have been devastated in some way. to baltimore where police are still looking for a gunman who opened fire yesterday afternoon on morgan state campus. a man was seriously hurt, the campus put on lockdown. a university spokesman says the shooting was not random and that the victim and suspect likely knew each other, but evening classes at morgan state was canceled. four people were killed and eight more injured in a tragic accident in vegas. police suspect the driver was drunk and speeding this morning when his vehicle went airborne and slammed into a group of people just waiting at a bus stop. the fire department says some of the injure dodd have life threatening injuries. the driver of -- injured do have life threatening injuries.
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the driver of the car is being treated for a collapsed lung and possibly a broken back. the deal could be in the works to end that chicago teacher strike, that the latest word from the union president karen lewis. she is hoping the deal could be done by monday. the strike is now at day no. 4 and even if the union and chicago board of education make a deal, it would still need to be approved by the union's other leaders, teacher evaluations, layoffs and the recall of teachers are the key striking points. now to new york city where they took another step today to eliminate supersized calorie loaded drinks. the board of health approved mayor michael bloomberg's controversial proposal barring sales of sugar sweetened drinks in cups larger than 16-ounces in restaurants, movie theaters and other settings. new york's health commissioner says sugary drinks are the largest contributor to obesity. the soft drink industry is considering a lawsuit to challenge the ban. it's scheduled to take effect
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in march. the new regulation doesn't apply to beverages sold in supermarkets or most convenience stores. again it's really controversial among people in new york. have you ever heard the phrase smooth as a baby's bottom? the truth is newborn skin is often anything but smooth and many first time parents call their doctors or even heading to the emergency room because of what they see on their baby's skin. what's in these pictures makes a lot of new parents nervous, newborn rashes and butches that seem to pop up -- bumps that seem to pop up out of nowhere. most of these rashes are normal, but skin conditions in infants are treated much differently than in adults. >> in general follow your common sense and instincts, but usually she is more. >> reporter: dr. kate johnson is a dermatologist at johns hopkins pediatric children center and says new skin is fragile, so less products and scrubbing are key. fragrances are never an option
5:35 pm
for babies. >> the chemicals can just irritate newborn skin and they can absorb the fragrance products and can become sensitized and that can cause rashes. >> reporter: etox is one of the most common rashes in newborns, very noticeable with tiny red and yellow bumps. >> it can look very alarming, but it's actually incredibly benign, doesn't irritate the child at all. >> reporter: the doctor says etox is not associated with infection, just a normal reaction to the bacterial flora on the skin's surface. uv rains from the sun are extremely -- rays from the sun are extremely dangerous for infants, but sunscreen is not recommended for children under 6 months due to potentially harmful chemicals. >> as parents we should be able to keep them out of the sun and protect them with umbrellas, shade and clothing. >> reporter: for children old enough to use sunscreen look for active ingredients like zinc oxide and take taken updioxide which physically
5:36 pm
block uv -- titanium dioxide which physically block uv rays. here's when a rash should get immediate medical attention, it covers the child's body, there is any blistering of the skin and fever along with a rash is a sign of infection and needs to get treated as well. itself coming up the national zoo's new cheetah cubs meet their olympic namesake. >> up next a teenager wearing nothing but a spider-man mask pulls off a caper that some are calling the best of its kind ever. stay with us. we've got to see th spider- man thing.
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caught on tape backfield in motion. this dude has only got on a spider-man mask and nothing else, but he was streaking during the seminole high school homecoming game in florida. he's at 20, the 10. well, he fell down there. we love the camera work and we also love the fact that spider dude had some moves on him. check him out dodging all the cops and everything and getting to a get-away car and by the way, dude, got some major league prop on his facebook page. one admirer wrote he's lucky he didn't injure his seminole, but the get-away car gave him away. spider-man was caught in the police web when they tracked the plate number. the streaker was charged with exposure. >> did you read that with a straight face? >> i did, man, because i can do that kind of stuff. let's go to ben's chili bowl where they offered up something more on the menu
5:40 pm
today. >> that's right. there's a new mural on the side of the wall at the restaurant at 12th and u. it features some of ben's most famous customers including bill cosby, president obama, johnny simpson and, of course, chuck brown. the mural is part of mayor gray's mural d.c. graffiti prevention initiative. the idea is to pay tribute to some of the city's most treasured landmarks by putting original works of art on the walls that could be vandalized. chuck brown's children are here in our studio this evening and we're going to talk with them live in a few. >> you notice no russ ptacek up there. okay. the animals weren't the only big attraction today at national zoo. some olympic champions showed up at the cheetah conservation center. usa track and field sprinters carmelita jeter and justin gatlin appeared with the zoo's two cubs carmelita and justin. the zoo partnered with usa track and field earlier this spring and decided to name the
5:41 pm
cubs after the fastest american sprinters in the 100-yard meter race. carmelita jeter is fiercely fast. there was a sea of red today at madame tussauds in washington. taylor swift fans got in free to see the new wax figure of the country music star. the unveiling on september 13th was timed to coincide with swift's lucky number and her new album called red launches next month. still ahead on 9 news now you know the stars, but what about the unsung heros who helped the nats get to first place? no, we're not talking about those big president head guys. >> but first the daunting task of saving for retirement may get a little scarier. how you know what you really need to put away coming up in tonight's consumer alert.
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i warned you last night about the safety of ricotta cheese and now whole foods and one of its suppliers are recalling ricotta salata sold in 21 states and the district because it could be contaminated with listeria. the supplier is forever cheese
5:45 pm
incorporated out of long island, new york. listeria can cause serious and even fatal infections. check your fridge. if you've got any ricotta cheese, take it back to whole foods or wherever you bought it just to be safe for a full refund. the company behind the product that critics started calling pink slime is suing abc news for defamation. beef products incorporated says the network's reports on the meat additive were false and misled the public into thinking it was unhealthy and unsafe. the company is seeking just more than 1 billion with a b dollars in damages. abc says this lawsuit has no merit. the nation's largest 401k administrator has some new guidelines for those of us looking ahead to retirement. fidelity investment says it is now recommending that people save, get this, at least eight times your final salary before you call it quits. it also suggests having the  amount of your annual salary in the bank by the time you're 35
5:46 pm
and twice your salary by the time you are 40. now that we've scared the crap out of you joining me now to talk more about this is susan garland, editor of kiplinger's retirement report. okay, eight times your salary. like is that even realistic, susan? >> absolutely. if you start early, saving you can do it. unfortunately too many people are putting their heads in the sand and even older people have very little saved and they could bein real trouble. >> so let's talk about how we get from here to there. how do we get to saving that much of our salary? >> well, you need to start early. you just need to save as much as you can and forget about those lattes, sorry, starbucks, but you should be putting away as much as you can as early as you can and start saving money as well. >> let's go through the ages here. we've got a graphic. when you're in your 20s and 30s, what should you be doing?
5:47 pm
>> well, you should be saving as much as you can. enroll immediately when you get that first job, enroll in your company's 401k plan and keep at it, start a little bit and every year add a little bit more, maybe 1% a year. >> we got to get through all these. when you're in your 40s, you need to max it out. >> totally. you should be saving at least 15% of your salary, if you can, or 17,000, which is about what you should put in a 401k. >> by the 50s you need to put those things into fast forward and you can do those camp-up contributions, if you can. >> near extra money people over 50 can -- they're extra money people over 50 can put away and try not to give money to your kids. you're going to need that money. you'll be moving in with them and they'll be sorry they took it from you. >> in the pictures you really
5:48 pm
want to test drive this re-- 60s you really want to test drive this retirement budget. >> maybe downsize your home. see what you're spending and what you'll need to spend and maybe for a few months live on that money and see how you do. >> bottom line, don't push this down the road because nobody will save you for retirement. only you can do that. >> exactly. >> susan garland, thanks so much for sharing. now we don't have to be so scared anymore. you can learn what you need to do to save for your own retirement. go to our website, click on consumer and get to retirement 101. >> i don't know what you're talking about. we're terrified, you kidding me? good grief, we'll work until we're 130. by the way, lots of banks like to offer perks to draw in more customers and interest rate aren't much incentive now, the pittsburgh entrepreneur is starting a bank you could call the cherry on top. the whale bone cafe bank pays customers 5.5%, but it's in the
5:49 pm
form of ice cream shop gift cards. however, the pennsylvania department of banking is not amused and says look, this is not right. you got to shut down. i don't know what's wrong with that. >> top, you wouldn't fit through the doors in about a year. think about it. >> we got to work till we're 130, we might as well have some ice cream sundaes. that's all i'm saying. >> what a great day to have some ice cream, do anything outside. >> let them eat cake. let's take a live look outside on our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, just gorgeous, 81 the high, 80 right now, dew point still low 50s, open the windows, turn the ac off. winds are light and pressure is steady at 30.29 inches of mercury. temperatures, upper 70s primarily, 77 vienna and vair fax, 81 great falls -- fairfax, 81 great falls, 79 bowie, 80 down town, 79 in alexandria and old town. a cold front approaches tomorrow but it's not particularly strong, doesn't
5:50 pm
have a lot of moisture and it's going through at a relatively nice time in terms of weekend planning. a few clouds tonight, still pleasant tomorrow. now a shower is possible friday night, but don't change your plans. the weekend looks nice. it really does. for tonight clear to partly cloudy, comfortable, 56 to 64, winds out of the south, southeast at 10. i have three daughters, so perhaps they could take care of me when i'm old because i'm never going to be able to save that kind of money. there's just no way. well, i am thinking about it. i'm in a panic. partly cloudy, pleasant in the morning, 50s and 60s, wind southwest at 10. daughters are supposed to take care of you. by afternoon partly sunny, pleasant, clouds coming in late but dry tomorrow. there could be a shower in the mountains but dry in the metro, high temperatures in the low 80s. just a shower tomorrow evening, not a big deal, 82. the weekend nice saturday, upper 70s, beautiful sunday, upper 70s, good deal. next seven day, monday grab
5:51 pm
your umbrella. we're looking at rain and showers, only in the mid-70s. that might be optimistic. nats back in town tuesday, but showers, maybe a thunderstorm, 79, maybe even a lingering shower wednesday and back in the low 80s on thursday. 3 daughters, if they each get -- that might work. >> you have got him scared. >> you better be nice to them if you want them to take care of you. >> i am. be nice to your kids anyway because they choose your nursing home, my friends. >> maybe they'll even let you move in with them, topper. >> i'm fun. all right, it's september 13th and the nats are comfortably in first place. >> and everybody knows the stars of the team, names like strasburg, harper, gio, zimmerman. >> but what about the role players? kristen berset has their stories. >> reporter: in major league baseball only nine players can be labeled as starters on any given night. those that ride the bench know their time will come and when it does, they must come up big. those on the nationals bench
5:52 pm
have been doing that since opening day and have become a crucial part to this team's success. >> we got five horses that we rely on every day and our bullpen has been unbelievable and our hitters are great and they keep rolling. we just try to help out any way we can. >> reporter: this group comprised of seasoned veterans and brand-new faces have even given themselves a nickname. meet the goon squad. >> it's just kind of cool to have our own name especially when we're not starting. it kind of helps us have a tight knit group. >> reporter: steve lombardozzi, roger bernadina and the creator chad tracy. >> they call us here. so we started using it. it got bigger and we got t- shirts made. >> reporter: these are the shirts the gunnelies proudly rock in the clubhouse. -- the goonies proudly rock in the clubhouse. the guys in the bullpen have their own shirt, too with their
5:53 pm
coach's face plastered on front. >> it's a little bullpen comradery thing. we've got jimmy led on the front. >> best bullet coach in the league. you got to pay homage to -- bullpen coach in the league. you got to pay homage to them. when you spend so many hours with each other, why not get some t-shirts to commemorate it? >> reporter: on the back it's what let t ole its his pechers every night. >> he's from -- pitchers every night. >> he's like come on, man. come on, get that. >> the nats are off today. dave owens will have more on the big weekend series with the braves later in sports. still to come they cause headaches for us and now it's a headache for them. where some local utilities took to the hot seat today for questions about nose recent power outages coming -- those recent power outages. >> and the godfather of go go chuck brown, his kids are here
5:54 pm
in our studio to talk about an exciting new event to honor their father's music and memory. that is up next on 9news.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
♪i feel like busting loose >> from his funeral to concerts all summer long, dozens of
5:57 pm
tributes to chuck brown since he passed away in may and next week another series kicks off to honor the godfather of go go. joining me now to talk about it, chuck brown's children, micos and kaka. thank you guys for being here. before we talk about what's coming up, you just lost your dad in may and with all the tributes this summer, d.c. has been celebrating him, but it has to be hard for you. how are you guys doing? >> taking it one day at a time, staying prayed up. >> how about you? >> it's definitely been tough, but it's easier to get through when you have so much support from all his fans and they definitely help the grieving process. >> that support keeps coming. what's happening monday at the newly refurbished howard theater? >> oh, it's a big show. we're opening up a tribute to my dad. it meant a lot because he didn't get to see it, so it will be nice for george clinton. >> that's who is coming. >> he's going to be the special
5:58 pm
guest. >> an architect of funk just like your dad was of go go. what does it mean to have him as a headliner? >> i'm ebbing static. >> he can carry it off better -- ecstatic. >> he can carry it off better than anyone for this continuance of remembering. >> the band is going to playing with him. >> we've got musicians. they're sharp. they're good. >> speaking of tributes, that new mural at ben's chili bowl. we saw that. your dad is up there with the president unveiled today. what's your reaction when you first saw it? >> it's just unbelievable and it's another thing for us to go remember like right on the street is another thing for us to remember him by and i know a lot of pictures are going to be taken. it means a lot to us. it's very special. >> with the howard theater this is going to be every monday? >> for this month it's the first monday, but some more
5:59 pm
next month, but it's not every monday. >> but is in going to be an ongoing series, a tribute to chuck brown at the howard theater. >> we'll be excited. we're going to see everybody there. you're going to be there, too. >> absolutely. sounds like a great way to start it off. >> yes. >> thanks for being with us. again howard theater legacy series starts monday with george clinton and chuck brown's band. this is 9 news now. virginia's reputation as a battle ground state hit a new level today with multiple events on the republican and democratic sides of the presidential race. the day began with mitt romney in fairfax county and then there was first lady michelle obama making appearances in richmond and in fredericksburg. that's where we find our own surae chinn kicking off our team coverage. >> reporter: well, derek, the first lady spoke about 30 minutes. she ended less than an hour ago. you can see folks packing

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